Are you looking to buy flats in Gurgaon?

Have you been searching for compelling flats in Gurgaon location? If yes, then you have landed on the right page because by the end of this article you will be able to shortlist one of the best flats for you. However, before you come up with any hasty decision, it is necessary that you undergo thorough research on the same. Those who do not have any budget related issues may find comparatively more options than those who are looking for affordable flats.

But, there are certain tips that will help you in both situations. The complete details on identifying the perfect location in the Gurgaon area while taking into account the price of the property are given here.

Choose from the top 5 localities

Before proceeding with our discussion on the best flats based on the price variable, finding out a good locality is something everyone should consider doing. So, here is the list of localities that are well established and should be preferred over others:

  • Sector 33 Sohna 

The livability score of this location is 5.6 which is quite good for a place like Gurgaon. The average price per square foot is Rs 5,224 which is quite convincing for someone who is looking for affordable flats in Gurgaon. Speaking about the location, we can say that sector 33 is convenient in a way that anybody can easily commute to and fro from this place. However, it is not as developed as you might be thinking because it is still emerging. But, you can easily find shopping malls, healthcare centers, and other resources in the nearby area. One thing worth noting here is that you can easily find flats in Gurgaon for sale at DLF Ultima  in this location. 

  • Sector 79

This location in Gurgaon could be your first choice if you have been on a hunt for a convincing apartment that is not only located at a good place but is also affordable. The livability score of this location is 6.6 which is more than average. Besides this, the average buying price is Rs 5,525 per sq ft which is low for a location with this much livability score. One can also witness a speedy infrastructure development at this place which leaves a positive impact on the buyer. Additionally, the Indira Gandhi International Airport is not at a far distance from here which means that it could be your one-stop destination if you are looking to buy Apartments in Gurgaon.

  • Sector 68

With a Livability Score of 7.4, this location in Gurgaon is highly suitable for those who are not restricted to any budget. This is a suburb which is located nearby NH 248A. The average price in this location is Rs 6,231 per sq ft which means this is a value-for-money property. All the necessary infrastructural facilities are available here ranging from shopping zones to high-standard schools. So those who have been thinking to buy from one of the flats in Gurgaon for sale may find this location worth considering. The Huda City Centre metro station is the closest to this place.

  • Sector 2 Sohna

With a Livability Score of 5.5, this location is best for those who need to commute from Gurgaon to Alwar on a regular basis because this is the locality which is nearest to Gurgaon-Alwar Highway. The average price to buy a flat in this location is Rs. 4,236 per sq ft. Apart from this, the location is well-connected to Indira Gandhi International Airport which makes it easier for the commuters to move to and fro from the city. With the availability of public transportation facilities along with shopping zones and eating hubs, buyers may find it to be a convincing location.

  • Sector 65

In case the budget aspect is out of your mind while looking for Apartments in Gurgaon, then this could be your perfect place to live since the livability score of this location is 7.8. However, the cost of this location could be costly for you if you are searching for affordable flats. All-in-all you will be charged Rs. 10,518 per sq ft in this locality. With all the luxury facilities in one place, this area is equipped with everything you will look for while buying a flat. There are many convincing amenities as compared to other locations, that is why you need to pay comparatively more.

Now that we are done with our discussion on some of the best localities to buy Apartments in Gurgaon for sale, it is time now to have a glance at some tips that you may find helpful in this quest. 

Let’s have a glance at some useful tips

Be it a ready-to-move-in flat or an unfurnished apartment, there are certain essential things that you should keep in your mind while buying a flat in any location:

  • The budget should be your second priority- worrying about the budget should be second on your priority list because there are other important things to consider with respect to this. 
  • Do thorough research on location- finding a good location with a more than average livability score is one of the most important things to consider while searching for a flat. 
  • Know about the owner- this is also yet another important thing to consider because if the owner is not cooperative, you are surely going to face a number of hurdles at the time of buying and legal work.
  • Check out the infrastructure- if you are paying for a flat, it doesn’t mean you only have to look for the interiors of the flat and its price. Another important aspect to consider is whether the locality has good infrastructure facilities or not. Because living in a place with less infrastructural facilities could be hard on you. 

While we come to the end of our discussion, what I would suggest is do not get lured by the price when you make up your mind to buy one of the Apartments in Gurgaon for sale. This is because it may be just a trap and what you get to experience later is far away from reality. Always cross-check everything before making any commitments.